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Beers available at The Abbey Brewing Co.

Immaculate IPA

Immaculate IPA

This is the Abbey Brewing Co's special house recipe. This beer is amber in color with a balance between malt grown in the Midwest and hops grown in the Pacific Northwest. The Abbey IPA is the favorite of the locals for its refreshing, hoppy finish and its smooth flavor.

Father Theodore's Stout

Father Theodore’s Stout

This house recipe Stout is deep black in color and has a chocolate, coffee, roasted toffee and anise flavors. It is rich and delicious and is a meal in itself.

Brother Dan's Double

Brother Dan’s Double

This house recipe Double is like the beers the monks brewed centeries ago to sustain them during the Lenten fast. This beer is light brown in color with hints of raisons, chestnuts, chocolate and candied fruits.

Brother Aaron's Quadruple

Brother Aaron’s Quadruple

This strong house recipe, Quadruple Ale is reminiscent of the winter ales brewed in Belgium Monasteries centuries ago. This Beer is brown in color and has a complexity of flavors ranging from dark chocolate to caramelized raisns with a hint of toffee.